Frequently Asked Questions

What is Syracusa?

A web application that will make your AdWords campaigns better and more profitable.

How does it connect to my account?

Through the AdWords API or through your MCC if you have one.

How long does it take to create an account?

About 1 minute.

Do I need to download anything?

No. It’s all delivered over the web.

Does it automate the management of my account?

No. And we don’t think any product that claims to automate your account works very well.

Does it make changes to or reconfigure my account?

No. It’s passive. It won’t change or reconfigure anything in your account.

What's the pricing model?

We offer a free version and three paid versions of the product. They’re suitable for accounts of all sizes and types.

How do the applications work?

Very well. They each do one thing and they do it precisely and simply.

How do I enable an application?

Just click a button and it’s done.

Does it work for Facebook Ads or Bing?

Nope. Sorry.